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What is its role?

As population keeps increasing, it is vital to enhance agricultural production to ensure regular availability of foodstuffs. Agriculture industry is under increasing pressure to meet the demands and meet them fast. Obviously, this industry can't be expected to come up to expectations unless its machines and tools are up to date and well maintained. With the rising demand for quick supplies of agricultural produce, machinery employed by agriculture industry needs to be more efficient and that can be possible only when there is further development in the design of machines to deliver more output.

You can reach us through


(02)8255-7777 | (02) 5310-8333

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+63 2 82555588 | +63 2 53102333

What we can provide

Like any other machinery, agriculture machinery too depends a lot on using bearings. Bearing are designed to reduce friction between two moving components of the same machine and thus play a vital role in making any machine efficient and keeping its operation smooth.

Here in JPTC we will be able to provide premium, and pure quality bearings. We can offer 

in-demand and 100% Authentic bearings that you need. 

What we have

  • Tapered roller bearings

  • Ball bearing units

  • Solid race needle bearings

  • Cylindrical roller bearings

  • Needle rollers sets

  • Thrust bearings

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