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What is its role?

Motorcycles are one of the most popular modes of transport today, especially in dusty and traffic-filled streets. With so many moving parts, it should come as no surprise that the average motorcycle has between 20 to 30 bearings of a number of varieties. Your average motorcycle would not enjoy smooth handling or transmission without them. Take a look at Bearing Centre’s breakdown of just some of the bearings used in motorcycles.

What we can provide

You can reach us through


(02)8255-7777 | (02) 5310-8333

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+63 2 82555588 | +63 2 53102333

The many bearings in a motorcycle have various functions such as supporting a spinning crankshaft or keeping the wheels on the road. They guide and support moving parts, reduce emitted heat, alleviate friction and minimize power loss.

Here in JPTC we will be able to provide premium, and pure quality bearings. We can offer 

in-demand and 100% Authentic bearings that you need. 

What we have

  • Ball Bearings

  • Deep Groove Bearings

  • Tapered Roller Bearings 

  • Needle Roller Bearings

  • Thrust Bearings

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