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What is its role?

Modern automobiles have made a significant contribution to the growth of society and humankind. Automobile vehicles and power train technology refined over the century of focused hard work by automobile engineering and scientist. Modern internal combustion engine propelled automobiles have satisfied multiple needs humankind in everyday life.

The contribution of bearing to enhance the performance of automobiles is also immense. Bearings play’s a critical role in the enhancement of any rotating systems performance by bearing loads and facilitating the load transfer with minimum friction in addition to other functions. 

You can reach us through


(02)8255-7777 | (02) 5310-8333

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+63 2 82555588 | +63 2 53102333

What we can provide

Major automobile sub-systems where bearings are implemented are internal combustion engines, transmissions, wheels, steering, pumps, and other electrical systems.

Here in JPTC we will be able to provide premium, and pure quality bearings. We can offer 

in-demand and 100% Authentic bearings that you need. 

What we have

  • Hub Bearings

  • Tapered Bearings

  • Cylindrical roller bearings

  • Clutch Release Bearings

  • Timing Belt Tensioner Bearings

  • Deep groove ball bearings

  •  Ball Bearings

  • Thrust Bearings

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